Liberation Bridge

Photo 1: Jiefang Bridge, Tianjin         Jiefang Bridge is one of the landmark buildings in Tianjin. Jiefang Bridge is an all-steel structure and was built in 1927. Photo 2: Jiefang Bridge on the Haihe River         The total length of Jiefang Bridge is 96.7 meters, the height is 5.5 meters, and the width is 19.5 meters. Costing 1.25 million taels of silver, Jiefang Bridge is the most

Guoba Dish

Photo 1: Guoba Dish,Tianjin         Guoba Dish(Guobacai),called “Gaba dish” in Tianjin dialect, is a folk snack with unique flavor and has a history of more than 100 years. Photo 2: People in Tianjin usually eat Guoba dishes as breakfast         Spread mung bean flour on the baking pan to form a pancake, then cut into a-finger-wide strips, pour the pre-made marinade, and then add fermented bean

The Summer Palace

Photo 1: The Summer Palace, one of the four famous gardens in China         The Summer Palace Is located in northwestern suburbs of Haidian District, the state 5A-class tourist attractions, was built in 1750, and finished in 1764, formerly known as Garden of Clear Ripples. Photo 2: The  Summer Palace, Beijing         The area is 2.9 million square meters, about 3/4 is covered by water. The Summer

Clay Figurine Zhang

Photo 1: Clay Figure Zhang’s painted sculptures express the delicate character of the characters, full of life and national style         Clay Figure Zhang’s Painted Sculptures is a must in Tianjin. This folk skill has been handed down for more than 140 years(6 generations)since the first generation Zhang Mingshan. Zhang Mingshan not only inherited the realistic style of Chinese folk clay sculpture art, but also absorbed nourishment from

Bao Yue Pavilion

, Photo 1: Zhong Nan Hai , Beijing         Zhong Nan Hai is located on the west side of the Forbidden City, is the name of the Middle Sea and the South Sea together, it covers an area of about 1 million square meters, of which about 467,000 square meters is water.   “Hai” is the abbreviation of the Mongolian “Hai Zi”, meaning the waters. Because Zhong Nan Hai

Lama Temple

Photo 1: Lama Temple, Beijing         First built in the 33rd year of Kangxi in Qing Dynasty (1694), Lama Temple is Beijing’s largest and best preserved Tibetan Buddhist monastery. Photo 2:  Memorial Archway of Lama Temple         Lama Temple was once the residence of Prince Yongzheng before his accession to the throne. After YongZheng was ascended the throne, half of his mansion was changed

Old Summer Palace

Photo 1: The Old Summer Palace, Beijing         The Old Summer Palace was built in 46th years of Kangxi(1707), is comprised by the Yuanming Garden, Changchun Garden and Yichun Garden, it covers an area of 3.5 million square meters, of which the water area is about 1.4 million square meters. There are more than 100 Garden landscapes , the building area is more than 160,000 square meters. Photo

Lingen Hall

Photo 1: Changling Mausoleum of the Ming Tombs, Beijing         Changling Mausoleum is the Ancestor Tomb of the Ming Tombs, is the joint burial mausoleum of the third emperor Zhu Di and his empress Xu Shi of the Ming Dynasty. Photo 2:  the Lingen Gate of Changling Mausoleum Photo 3: The Tall and Towering Lingen Hall of Changling Mausoleum Photo 4: The Model of Lingen Hall in Changling Mausoleum    

Tientsin Eye,Tian Jin Eye

Photo 1: Tientsin Eye(Tian Jin Eye), the Only Ferris Wheel Built on a Bridge in the World.         Tientsin Eye(Tian Jin Eye),namely Yongle Bridge Ferris Wheel of Tianjin. Photo 2: Panoramic View of Tianjin from Tientsin Eye(Tian Jin Eye)         The diameter of the Yongle Bridge Ferris Wheel is 110 meters, and the height from the highest point to the ground can reach about 120 meters,