Badaling Great Wall —the best preserved and most representative section of the Great Wall of the Ming Dynasty

The Badaling Great Wall, Beijing

Figure 1:The Badaling Great Wall, Beijing

Badaling is one of the Jundu mountain peaks, located in the south of Yanqing District in the northwest of Beijing, near Juyong Pass in the northwest of Nankou. The outer walls of Badaling Great are constructed with huge and regular stripstones, the average height is 7.8 meters and the width is 5.8-6.5 meters. There are brick-built parapets and crenels, and there are watchtowers and Beacon Towers every half to one mile. The total length of the walls is 3741 meters, with the mountain winding and rolling, it looks like a coiling huge dragon.

Badaling Great Wall winds on the ridge from southwest to northeast like a dragon

Figure 2:Badaling Great Wall Winds on the Ridge From Southwest to Northeast Like a Dragon

The Badaling Great Wall is up to 1015 meters above sea level, the terrain is of great strategic importance and the Chengguan is strong, it has always been of vital importance in military strategists’ view. Ascending the Badaling Great Wall, looking far into the distance, you will see undulating hills, and have a panoramic view the magnificent grandeur of the northern mountains.

The inside of brick-built crenel, Badaling Great Wall

Figure 3:The Inside of Brick-built Crenel, Badaling Great Wall

Badaling Great Wall is divided into South Peak and North Peak, winding on the ridge, the scenery is very spectacular. U-shaped walls and the Urn City are under it. On the inner and outer sides of the wall, there are crenel walls, so we can ward off the enemy on four sides. If the enemy broke down into the Urn City, they will be surrounded and annihilated by defending soldiers on the four sides, the enemy is like turtles in a jar.

Urn City is an important part of the Great Wall, generally built on the traffic arteries of which the terrain is especially difficult and strategically important, Badaling Great Wall is no exception. The Urn City of Badaling Great Wall was built on the ridge, subject to terrain constraints, making use of mountain trend, low in east and high in west, narrow in east and wide in west, the area is only 5000 square meters. Here is not only an important ancient military defense fort, but also traffic arteries. From here, south to Changping, Beijing, north to Yanqing, northwest to Xuanhua, Zhangjiakou, “The road is divided from this point, extending in all directions.” Hence its name “Badaling”.

North 8th Lou is the highest building of Badaling Great Wall, up to 888.9 meters high, the building is very unique.

The Wall from the platform of the pass city to the highest point–South 4th Lou, is 685.8 meters long, the height rises 142.4 meters, especially between South 3rd Lou and South 4th Lou, the ridge is narrow, and the mountains are steep. The slope of the most dangerous place is about 70 degrees, almost straight up. Ascending South 4th Lou, taking a broad view, the Great Wall winds on the ridge from southwest to northeast, like a black dragon, majestic and spectacular.

President Obama toured the Badaling Great Wall in 2009

Figure 4:President Obama Toured the Badaling Great Wall in 2009

So far, more than 300 world-renowned people such as Nixon, Mrs. Thatcher and so on climbed the Badaling Great Wall.



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