Carved Lacquer — founded in the Tang Dynasty, dating back more than 1400 years, belong to the royal art

Carved Lacquer of Beijing

Figure 1:Carved Lacquer of Beijing

A carved lacquer works takes at least 3 months, even 1-2 years to complete. The production of carved lacquer is unique, mostly uses brass as inner mold, combining wooden mold and cloth mold and so on.

Carved Lacquer of Beijing

Figure 2:Carved Lacquer, Beijing

The mold is coated with natural lacquer, generally at least 70 layers, but the concave carved will be coated with more than 500 layers lacquer, about 30mm thickness, and then carved finely on the lacquer layers.

An artist are working on his creation of Carved Lacquer

Figure 3:An Artist are Working on His Creation of Carved Lacquer

Traditional carved lacquer is mainly red, combining black and yellow. Modern carved lacquer is mainly red and black, develops green, blue, brown, white, orange and other colors. Traditional carving methods are only superficial carving, embossing, contemporary artists have created semi-concave carving, full concave carving and round sculpture. 

The unique production process of carved lacquer

Figure 4:The Unique Production Process of Carved Lacquer

After carving, carved lacquer also needs rubbing, handling inside, baking varnish and other dozens of procedures, all done manually.

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