Zhongshan Park, Shang hai

Photo 1: Zhongshan Park, Shanghai Photo 2: One Corner of Zhongshan Park         Zhongshan Park was British real estate developers Hogg’s private garden in old Shanghai, converted into a concession park in 1914, Zhongshan Park takes British garden style as main body, and it is a “mix and match” garden including traditional Chinese garden, Japanese garden, botanical garden and so on. Photo 3: the Tallest Bronze Statue of Chopin in the World

the Great Buddha’s Hall

Photo 1:Jade Buddha Temple, Shanghai         Jade Buddha Temple is tops of the three monasteries of Shanghai (Jade Buddha Temple, Longhua Temple, Jing’an Temple). Photo 2:the Great Buddha’s Hall of Jade Buddha Temple Photo 3:Jade Buddha Sitting Statue of Jade Buddha Temple Photo 4: Sleeping Buddha Statue of Jade Buddha Temple          Jade Buddha Temple is not only famous in Shanghai, but also enjoys a


Photo 1:Xu Jia Hui, the Center of Shanghai Xu Jia Hui is one of the most bustling areas in Shanghai, where high-rise buildings stand in great numbers, shopping malls gather, prosperous popularity, fully embodies the bustling scene of China’s modern metropolis! Photo 2:Grand Gateway 66,Xu Jia Hui Xu Jia Hui, as the center of Shanghai, with rich historical and cultural accumulation, is not only Shanghai’s bustling landmark, but also an important channel leading to Pudong. Photo 3:Orient Shopping Centre, Xu Jia Hui Xu Jia Hui is a wonder, where the Chinese

Shanghai Concert Hall

Photo 1:Shanghai Concert Hall, China’s First Concert Hall         Shanghai Concert Hall is China’s first concert hall, built in 1930. Photo 2:Resplendent Decorations of Shanghai Concert Hall         Western classical style architecture, the decoration is varied and layered, the tones are quietly elegant and classical. Photo 3:The Corridor of Shanghai Concert Hall         In the situation of conserved historical buildings on Huaihai

Shanghai Circus World, "the First Circus World of China"

Photo 1:Shanghai Circus World, “the First Circus World of China”         As another landmark of Shanghai as the International Cultural Exchange Center, Shanghai Circus World has the reputation of “the First Circus World of China”.  Photo 2:A Circus Performance in Shanghai Circus World        Shanghai Circus World  integrates circus, acrobatics, beast training, music and dance performances, high-tech cultural entertainment, leisure, shopping, and catering as one of the comprehensive cultural tourist attractions.

the Hall of Shanghai Park Hotel

Photo 1:Shanghai Park Hotel, “the Top High Building in the Far East”         Shanghai Park Hotel, is the origin of Shanghai, calculating the mileage in the direction of Jiangsu and Zhejiang provinces takes Shanghai Park Hotel as the origin. Photo 2:the Hall of Shanghai Park Hotel         Shanghai Park Hotel was bulit in 1934, it has the reputation of “the Top High Building in the Far

wax figure of Michael Jackson

Figure 1:Madame Tussaud’s Wax Museum, Shanghai Madame Tussaud (1761-1850) is an outstanding French artist, known for making wax figures. She learned wax figure making skills from a doctor since she was a child, the French writer Voltaire’s wax figure won great fame for her. In 1835, when she was 74 years old, she set up a permanent exhibition hall on Baker Street of London. Figure 2:Wax Figure of Michael Jackson Shanghai stood out from the world’s

Villa Mahler,a castle-like villa of Nordic architecture style

Figure 1:Villa Mahler,A Castle-like Villa of Nordic Architecture Style In 1926, a British little girl living in Shanghai had a very magical dream, She dreamed that she had a “Andersen fairytale castle”, so the little girl’s father – Eric Mahler decided to build a house according to the scene of her daughter’s dream. Figure 2:Villa Mahler,A Fairytale Castle This house is not only her daughter’s dream, but also a memento to his early adventure

Jing'an Temple, has a history of over 1700 years

Figure 1:Jing’an Temple, with a History of Over 1700 Years Figure 2:Jing’an Temple, Shanghai Jing’an Temple, this resplendent and magnificent millenarian temple is hidden in the bustling of Nanjing West Road. Figure 3:Exquisite Frescoes of Jing’an Temple Formerly known as “Hu Du Chong Yuan Temple”, Jing’an Temple was built in the Three Kingdoms period (247 year), has a history of over 1700 years. Figure 4:the Once Unprecedented Jing’an Temple Fair In

Huaihai Road Commercial Street

Figure 1:Huaihai Road Commercial Street Huaihai Road was called Lafeide Road in the past, also known as Xiafei Road, from the French general Joffre’s name. Huaihai Road is an avenue comparable to Paris Champs Elysees, New York’s Fifth Avenue, Tokyo’s Ginza, Singapore’s Orchard Road. Figure 2:Resplendent Lights of Huaihai Road Huaihai Road runs across three districts: Huaihai West Road in Xuhui District, Huaihai Middle Road in Luwan District, Huaihai East Road in Huangpu District. The Famous Huating