Central TV Tower — China’s Third Tallest and the World’s Sixth Tallest Tower

Central TV Tower, Beijing

Photo 1: Central TV Tower, Beijing

        Central TV Tower is located on the west side of West Third Ring Road in the Haidian District , the east is Yuyuantan Park, the north is Hangtian Qiao, officially opened in October 1994 ,the height of Central TV Tower is 405 meters, the total weight is 50,000 tons.

Vast Zhanqiao square, palace lantern shaped tower, the style of tower base is like the Hall of Prayer for Good Harvest, white marble Tuitai and ring corridor, Central TV Tower is the perfect combination of Chinese modern and ancient architecture style.

Central TV Tower

Photo 2: Central TV Tower is Glittering and Colorful

        The night scene of Central TV Tower is glittering and colorful, with green, red, yellow, white four kinds of light changes, green is on behalf of the earth meeting spring, red represents the hot summer, yellow is overflowing autumn, and white indicates “A timely snow promises a good harvest”.

revolving restaurant, Central TV Tower

Photo 3: the Highest Revolving Restaurant (221 Meters High) of Beijing City, Central TV Tower

Open-Air Observatory

Photo 4: 238 Meters High Open-Air Observatory

        The tower has the highest revolving restaurant (221 meters high) of Beijing City, magnificent indoor viewing hall (225 meters high), 238 meters high Open-Air Observatory, 242 meters high “floating cloud hall”; there are “cultural ring gallery “, as well as China’s largest indoor color granite stone fresco ” landscape cloud tree “and other scenic spots in the base of Central TV Tower .

air post office, Central TV Tower

Photo 5: the Highest Air Post Office of Beijing City, Central TV Tower

        Central TV Tower has the veritable “highest restaurant ” and the highest air post office of Beijing City, you can enjoy the delicacy, at the same time send postcards stamped with the air post office’s postmark.

bird's-eye view of the Beijing city

Photo 6: a Bird’s-eye View of the Beijing City from Central TV Tower

        The open-air viewing platform is the largest of the world’s lofty towers, overlooking the city of Beijing from all 360 degrees, and there are 20 times the telescopes which can be automatically adjusted and provided free to visitors to watch.

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