Chici Heping Temple —– Beijing’s Buddhist Activities Center in the Past Dynasties

Chici Heping Temple, Beijing

Figure 1:Chici Heping Temple, Beijing

Located in Flower Tower Village of Nankou Town in the south of West Longfeng Mountain, also known as Flower Tower Temple, Chici Heping temple was built in the Tang Dynasty, “Chici Heping Temple” was given and inscribed by the founding emperor Tang Taizong Li Shimin of the Tang Dynasty.

The Maitreya Hall of Chici Heping Temple

Figure 2:The Maitreya Hall of Chici Heping Temple

Chici Heping Temple has been restored and extended many times, and has courtyard houses structure, is divided into the East and the West Compounds, there are Maitreya Hall, Sakyamuni Hall, Hall of Great Mercy, Yaowang Temple, Goddess Temple and so on in the East Compound, with a total of 99 and a half houses, the construction area is over 7,000 square meters. 

30-meter-high Pinus Bungeana

Figure 3:30-meter-high Pinus Bungeana

two tall and lush ginkgo trees, one male and one female

Figure 4:Two Tall and Lush Ginkgo Trees, One Male and One Female

There is a 1300-year-old phoenix tree inside the temple gate, luxuriant foliage, with a girth to more than 3 meters. There is a 30-meter-high Pinus Bungeana in the middle of Yitang below the steps of the main hall, slightly oblique, like a lying dragon, tree species and tree shape are extremely valuable. In front of the main hall, there are two tall and lush ginkgo trees, one male and one female. The female tree is in the east, about 20 meters high; the West is the male tree, about 30 meters high.

the Heaven Palace of Chici Heping Temple

Figure 5:the Heaven Palace of Chici Heping Temple

Chici Heping temple has resumed the cultural traditions of singing operas for four days on the fifth day of the first month and the ninth day of the ninth month of the annual lunar calendar, and become the famous traditional temple fair in Beijing and Tianjin.

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