Clear Soup with Bird’s Nest—Official Cate—Beijing

Clear soup with bird's nest

Figure 1:Clear Soup with Bird’s Nest, Beijing

Tanjia Dishes’s representative dishes. Produced process is as follows: first soak the bird’s nest for three hours with warm water, and then rinse and clean it with clear water repeatedly, remove the feather and impurities. After the bird’s nest is soaked well, steam it with half Jin chicken soup in a large bowl , about half an hour get it out, divide among small soup bowls. Then boil the mild broth boiled with chicken, duck, pork, dried scallops, ham and other raw materials, add the right amount of seasoning, and put into small soup bowls, sprinkle with fine shredded ham.

bird's nest with Clear soup

Figure 2:Bird’s Nest with Clear Soup, Official Cate

The soup is as clear as water, slightly beige, tastes delicious, the bird’s nest is soft and smooth and not broken, the nutritional value is very high.

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