Climate in Tianjin

The Spring of Tianjin

Photo 1:The Spring of Tianjin

        Tianjin is located in the eastern part of North China Plain and belongs to semi-humid monsoon climate areas of the northern temperate zone.

The Summer of Tianjin

Photo 2:The Summer of Tianjin

        Tianjin has four distinct seasons: in windy Spring,it is drought and less rain, the climate changes in temperature are changeable; the summer is hot with concentrated rain, and with high temperature and high humidity; in cool autumn, neither too hot nor too cold, the wind is mild and the sun is bright; the winter is cold, dry and less snow.

Pan Mountain of the Autumn,Tianjin

Photo 3:Pan Mountain of the Autumn, Tianjin

        Due to the proximity to the Bohai Bay, the impact of the marine climate on Tianjin is more obvious.

Ice Fishing in Winter,Tianjin

Photo 4:Ice Fishing in Winter, Tianjin

        In the four seasons of Tianjin, the longest period is winter, followed by summer, spring and autumn is very short, as the saying goes” either winter or summer” . The climate of spring and autumn is mild, neither too hot nor too cold. Late spring and early summer, and autumn are the best seasons to visit Tianjin.

One Street of Tianjin After a Rainstorm

Photo 5:One Street of Tianjin After a Rainstorm

        The annual average temperature of Tianjin is about 12°C, July is the hottest month, the monthly average temperature is 28°C, and the highest temperature recorded was 41.7°C (Jixian County on July 24, 1999). While the coldest month is January, the monthly average temperature is -2°C, and the lowest temperature recorded was -27.4°C (Baodi on January 22, 1966). The annual average precipitation of Tianjin is about 600 millimeters, and the precipitation is mainly concentrated in the period from July to August.

Sandstorm weather of Tianjin was caused by influence of Sandstorm Process in Northwest China , occurs mostly in spring.

Photo 6:Sandstorm weather of Tianjin is Caused by Influence of Sandstorm Process

 in Northwest China , Occurs Mostly in Spring.

On January 2, 2010, heavy snow fell in Tianjin and the snow cover depth was 18 cm. It is the largest snowfall in history over the same period since 1951.

Photo 7:On January 2, 2010, Heavy Snow Fell in Tianjin And the Snow Cover Depth was 18 cm.

It is the Largest Snowfall in History Over the Same Period Since 1951.


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