Court Dishes — Several Major Ancient Capitals as the Representatives, Can Be Classified into the North and South Flavors

Court Dishes, representative of the North flavor

Figure 1:Court Dishes, Representative of the North Flavor

Beijing Court dishes is representative of the North flavor, which is characterized by strict material selection, side dishes pay attention to rules and specifications, sophisticated production, having extremely requirements for color, quality, taste, shape and container, with royal elegant temperament, loaded with artistic beauty, the flavor is known for mildness, freshness, crispness, tenderness.

Si Da Zhua of Court Dishes

Figure 2:Si Da Zhua of Court Dishes

Well-known dishes are slip chicken breast, Lotus leaf pork fillet, Si Da Zhua,Si Da Jiang, four big crisps, small sugar Wotou, Pea Cake, Yun Dou Huang and so on.

Beijing Fangshan Restaurant

Figure 3:Beijing Fangshan Restaurant

mandarin ducks and shrimp balls Of Beijing Fangshan Restaurant

Figure 4:Mandarin Ducks and Shrimp Balls, Beijing Fangshan Restaurant

Today, Beijing Fangshan Restaurant still offers the luxurious traditional royal flavor dishes.

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