Ditan Park — Beijing’s Second Largest Altar, the Existing Largest Altar Offering Sacrifice to Goddess of the Earth

Ditan Park(FangZe Altar), Beijing

Figure 1:Ditan Park(FangZe Altar), Beijing

Formerly known as FangZe Altar, its name was changed to Ditan Park in 1957. It was initially built in the 9th year of Jiajing Reign in the Ming Dynasty (1530 AD), Ditan Park is the place where the emperors of Ming and Qing dynasties offered sacrifices to “HuangDi Qi God”. 

decorated archway of Ditan Park

Figure 2:Decorated Archway of Ditan Park

The total area of Ditan Park is 37.4 hectares, square-shaped, the entire buildings from whole to parts were conceived and designed following China’s ancient tradition, symbols and legends such as “round sky and square earth”, “azure sky and yellow earth”, “south sky and north earth”, “dragon and phoenix”, “heaven and earth” and so on. Trees were planted widely in Ditan Park, there are 168 old trees more than 100 years old, up to 80 old trees more than 300 years old.

The Bell Tower of Ditan Park

Figure 3:The Bell Tower of Ditan Park

Huang Qi Shi of Ditan Park

Figure 4:Huang Qi Shi of Ditan Park

The existing ancient buildings in Ditan  Park include FangZe Altar, HuangQi Shi, Slaughter Pavilion, Palace of Abstinence, Shen Ku and other buildings. After 1984, Ditan Park was repaired and reconstructed. On the annual Lunar New Year, Ditan Park will hold a variety of colorful temple fairs.

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