Fayuan Temple —– Beijing’s Oldest Famous Temple

Fayuan Temple (Min Zhong Temple),Beijing

Figure 1:Fayuan Temple (Min Zhong Temple),Beijing

Fayuan Temple was built in the 19th year of Tang Taizong Zhenguan (645),first known as Min Zhong Temple in the Tang Dynasty, was rebuilt and changed to its present name in Yongzheng period of the Qing Dynasty.

Hall of Heavenly King in Fayuan Temple

Figure 2:Hall of Heavenly King in Fayuan Temple

The Mahavira Hall of Fayuan Temple

Figure 3:The Mahavira Hall of Fayuan Temple

Guanyin Pavilion in Fayuan Temple

Figure 4:Guanyin Pavilion in Fayuan Temple

Fayuan Temple sits in the north facing the south, the configuration is strict and grand, a total of six courtyards, the main buildings are Hall of Heavenly King, Mahavira Hall, Sutra Depository, Guanyin Pavilion, Jingye Hall, the Great Misery Altar and so on. There is a woodcarving Sleeping Buddha nirvana statue of the Ming Dynasty in Sutra depository, about 10 meters long, Beijing’s largest Sleeping Buddha.

Begonia in bloom season in Fayuan Temple

Figure 5:Clove in Bloom Season in Fayuan Temple

There are various flowers and trees, previously known for Begonia, now famous for clove, thousands of cloves make a forest, spreading fragrance for several miles in bloom season, as the capital stunning scenery. Fayuan Temple is not only the oldest existing temple of Beijing, but also the place where the Chinese Buddhism Academy and the Chinese Buddhist Library are located. It is also an important place for cultivating young Buddhist monks and studying Buddhist culture.


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