Fragrant Hill Park – a Large Park Tucked Away Among the Hills with Royal Garden Characteristics

Fragrant Hill Park, Beijing

Photo 1: Fragrant Hill Park, Beijing

        Located on the east side of West Mountain in the northwest suburb of Beijing, 20 km away from the city.

Photo 2: Fragrant Hill Park

         Fragrant Hill Park covers an area of 1.6 million square meters, the cultural relics are abundant.

Xi Shan Qing Xue, Fragrant Hill Park

Photo 3: Snow Scene of Western Hills in Fine Days (Xi Shan Qing Xue), Fragrant Hill Park

Bi Yun Temple, Fragrant Hill Park

Photo 4: Azure Clouds Temple(Bi Yun Temple), Fragrant Hill Park

Bi Yun Temple

Photo 5: Vajrasana Pagoda of Bi Yun Temple, Fragrant Hill Park

 Zongjing Dazhao Temple

Photo 6:   Zongjing Dazhao Temple, Fragrant Hill Park

Double Streams Villa

Photo 7: Double Streams Villa of Fragrant Hill Park

Jian Xin Zhai

Photo 8: Jian Xin Zhai in Fragrant Hill Park

        There are one of the Eight Scenic Attractions in Yanjing “Snow Scene of Western Hills in Fine Days (Xi Shan Qing Xue)”, the only remaining wooden “Hall of five hundred Arhats” covered with gold leaf in this country, the Temple of the Azure Clouds Temple(Bi Yun Temple) which Integrates the architectural style of the Ming and Qing dynasties, “the Zongjing Dazhao Temple” which was travelling palace of the 6th Panchen, Double Streams Villa which is the first residence where Mao Zedong and the Central Committee of the Communist Party lived and worked in Peking, the quaint courtyard full of Jiangnan characteristics “the JianXinZhai”, the Vajrasana Pagoda where is Mr. Sun Zhongshan’s coffin temporarily placed.

Fragrant Hill Maple Leaves

Photo 9: Fragrant Hill is most Famous for its Red Maple Leaves

        The main peak is incense burner peak (commonly known as the peak devil’s frown),which is 557 meters above sea level, there are more than 5800 old and famous trees , the forest coverage rate is as high as 98%, the Fragrant Hill is one of the areas with the highest concentration of negative oxygen ions in Beijing. Fragrant Hill is one of China’s top four viewing Maple Leaf Resort , in golden fall, Fragrant Hill is most famous for its red Maple Leaves, Cotinus coggygrias are all over the mountains,like raging fires.

You can take the large hanging-seat style sightseeing Ropeway to go up the mountain (the total length of the Ropeway is 1400 meters with 431 meters drop). From the Fragrant Hills, you can walk to the Beijing Botanical Garden and Temple of Reclining Buddha. You can drive south to Badachu Park and other tourist attractions, the world-famous Summer Palace is a few kilometers east .

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