The History of Tianjin

Beijing-Hangzhou Grand Canal,excavated in the Sui Dynasty (581-618 AD)

Photo 1:Beijing-Hangzhou Grand Canal, Excavated in the Sui Dynasty (581-618 AD)

        Tianjin, alias Tanggu,Jinmen. As early as the Warring States period, Tianjin had already formed some settlements of ancestors. After the construction of the Beijing-Hangzhou Grand Canal in the Sui Dynasty , at the intersection of the South Canal and the North Canal (the Sancha Estuary at the source of the confluence of the Haihe River), the earliest village called “Zhi Gu”appeared.

Haihe River,the Mother River of Tianjin

Photo 2:Haihe River,the Mother River of Tianjin

the Sancha Estuary, Tianjin

Photo 3:the Sancha Estuary, Tianjin

        Later generations called the Haihe River“the Mother River”and called the Sancha Estuary “the cradle of Tianjin.” After the middle period of the Tang Dynasty, Tianjin became a water and land transportation hub for the transportation of southern grain and silk to the North. “Zhi Gu Village” was set up in the Jin Dynasty, and “Haijin Town” was established in the Yuan Dynasty, Tianjin  became a town of military importance and a grain transportation center.

Emperor Zhu Di,the Ming Dynasty

Photo 4:Emperor Zhu Di,the Ming Dynasty

        The name “Tianjin” appearedin the early years of Yongle in the Ming Dynasty and  was given by Emperor Zhu Di, which means the place where the emperor crossed the river. In the 2nd year of Yongle(1404), Tianjin officially set up Wei and built city (Wei was the military establishment of the Ming dynasty) and laid the foundation for urban development. Therefore, it is known as “Tianjin Wei,” and Tianjin subsequently became the barriers of surrounding and protecting the Capital. Military stationed permanently and merchants gathered, Tianjin became the commodity distribution center in the north of China.

the Eight-Power Allied Forces invaded Tianjin in 1900

Photo 5:the Eight-Power Allied Forces Invaded Tianjin in 1900


Wu Da Dao,once concessions of nine countries

Photo 6:Wu Da Dao, Once Concessions of Nine Countries

        After the Qing troops entered Beijing through Shanhai Pass in 1644, with the stability of the domination of the Qing Dynasty and the economic development, the status of Tianjin Wei as the gateway to the capital became increasingly important. In the early 18th century, the development of commerce and finance led Tianjin to further develop into a business center in northern China. After Tianjin was opened as a treaty port in 1860, Western powers set up concessions in Tianjin one after another, and Tianjin became the frontier of the opening of northern China and the base of the Westernization Movement of modern China. In 1900, the Eight-Power Allied Forces invaded Tianjin, Tianjin fell and  was forced to open concessions of nine countries,Tianjin is the city with the most concessions in China. Tianjin’s railways, telegraphs, telephones, postal services, mining, modern education and other aspects were all the first in the country.

Memorial Hall of the Ping Jin Campaign

Photo 7:Memorial Hall of the Ping Jin Campaign

        In 1948,Pingjin Campaign broke out and Tianjin was liberated in January 1949. After the founding of New China in 1949, Tianjin was a municipality directly under the Central Government, its economic construction and social undertakings developed in an all-round way.  Enteringthe 21st century, Tianjin has become a modern international port metropolis and an important economic center city in northern China.

Binhai New Area,Tianjin

Photo 8:Binhai New Area,Tianjin

        Ever since Tianjin was granted the name and set up Wei in Yongle Years of the Ming Dynasty, the city has experienced more than 600 years of precipitation. With Binhai New Area being included in the overall development strategy of the country, Tianjin has ushered in a major historical development opportunity, and the pearl of Bohai will surely become even more brilliant.


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