Hong Ya Cave—Chongqing

Hong Ya Cave

Photo 1:Hong Ya Cave,Chongqing

        Hong Ya Cave is located in Cangbai Road of Yuzhong District, the core business circle of Chongqing. It is located in the riverside area where the Yangtze River and Jialing River meet. It integrates urban tourism landscape, business and leisure landscape, and urban human landscape. Hong Ya Cave reproduces the glory of old Chongqing, is a bright business card of Chongqing.

Hong Ya Dong

Photo 2:One of the Eight Scenes of Hong Ya Cave—“Two Rivers Confluence”

        In Hong Ya Cave,you can view stilted house complex, visit the old streets of the mountain city, appreciate the Bayu culture, enjoy hot pot, watch the confluence of the two rivers, sample the world’s delicacies,taste night flavour.

Hong Ya Cave consists of four parts: Zhiyanhe Bar Street, Tianchengxiang Bayu Culture Street, Feast Food Street and Exotic Urban Balcony.

Pirate Bar Sculpture

Photo 3:Pirate Bar Sculpture

Zhiyanhe Bar Street: It has well-known bars such as the global chain Pirate Bar.

Feast Food Street: show the grand delicacy scene of famous restaurants collections of ancient and modern, Chinese and foreign.You can enjoy snacks all round China with typical local taste

Tianchengxiang Bayu Culture Street: showcases the classical local-style dwelling houses with blue bricks, stone tiles, red eaves and green tiles of Ming and Qing dynasty, based on Ba culture of 2300 years ago 2300 years ago.

Exotic Urban Balcony: Chongqing’s largest urban traffic transfer station

Hong Ya Cave combines many fashionable elements,with quite different themes and distinguishing characteristics, it is a large-scale functional area integrating entertainment, leisure, sightseeing and catering. Hong Ya Cave is also the most fashionable and charming urban leisure area in Chongqing.

Hong Ya Dong

Photo 4:Hong Ya Cave, a Shining Pearl of Chongqing’s Night

        Hong Ya Cave takes stilted houses style and feature with the most Bayu traditional architectural characteristics as the main body. The wooden stilted houses take advantage of the situation according to the mountain, were built along the river,layer upon layer. They are known as a living fossil of the old Chongqing wharf culture. The structure of the house is simple, and  the form is flexible. The buildings are gathered together by building layered platforms, projecting over water, staggering, approaching cliffs and other mountain architecture techniques. When night falls, the neon lights are on, the light and shadow are resplendent and stacked, which can be called a special scene of  the mountain city.

Hong Ya Dong

Photo 5:Hong Ya Cave, Chongqing’s Most Famous Stilted Houses Complex


Photo 6:Stilted Houses(Diao Jiao Lou),Which is Built on Hillside and on Riverside,with One Side of the House Resting on Rocks While the Other Three Sides Supported by Wooden or Bamboo Poles

        Hong Ya Cave has 11 floors from Yan Jiang Road of the lowest  floor to Cang Bai Road of the top floor. The functions of each floor are different, restaurants, snack streets, bars and cafes, local specialty shops, and everything. You can take escalators or sightseeing elevators to reach any floor. Bar Street and Foreign Goods Street are below the second floor. On the third floor, you can purchase Chongqing’s native products and tourist souvenirs. On  Folk Customs Food street of the fourth floor, you can enjoy special snacks.

Hongyadong Hotel

Photo 7:Hong Ya Dong Hotel,Chongqing

the observation deck

Photo 8:the Observation Deck of Hong Ya Cave

        The top 11 floor are Hongyadong Hotel, observation deck and bus stop. Standing on the observation deck, you can overlook the two rivers and the Yuzhong Peninsula.

the night scene 

Photo 9:the Night Scene of Hong Ya Cave

        Hong Ya Cave is about 10 minutes away from Chaotianmen Square and Jiefangbei.

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