Jiankou Great Wall —-One of the Most Famous Dangerous Sections Among the Great Walls of the Ming Dynasty

Jiankou Great Wall, Beijing

Figure 1:Jiankou Great Wall, Beijing

Jiankou Great Wall leans hills, lying squats and twists in the low places, rises and falls with the hills like a huge dragon in steep places, quite spectacular.

magnificent and precipitous Jiankou Great Wall

Figure 2:the Magnificent and Precipitous Jiankou Great Wall

The trend of Jiankou Great Wall is more full of change and rhythm than Simatai Great Wall; and more magnificent and steeper than Mutianyu Great Wall; large pieces of dolomite constitute the wall body, very eye-catching. Jiankou Great Wall is magnificent and precipitous, is the most photographed in a variety of Great Wall albums.

Eagle Fly with Face Upward of Jiankou Great Wall

Figure 3:the Famous “Eagle Fly with Face Upward” of Jiankou Great Wall

Celestial Ladder of Jiankou Great Wall

Figure 4:Celestial Ladder of Jiankou Great Wall

Beijing knot of Jiankou Great Wall

Figure 5:”Beijing Knot” of Jiankou Great Wall

The pine tree of Jiankou Great Wall

Figure 6:The Pine Tree of “Beijing Knot”, Jiankou Great Wall

The famous scenery of Jiankou Great Wall are Eagle Fly with Face Upward , Celestial Ladder, Beijing knot and so on. Jiankou Great Wall is one of the famous tourist routes for numerous outdoor enthusiasts to go climbing, crossing and camping.


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