Jiming Temple—the oldest Buddhist temple and the most beautiful cherry blossoms

Jiming Temple, "the first of the four hundred and eighty temples in the Southern Dynasty"

Photo 1: As the Buddhism center in southern China at that time, Jiming Temple was known as “the first of the four hundred and eighty temples in the Southern Dynasty”

        Jiming Temple, also known as Ancient Jiming Temple, is located at the eastern foot of Jilong Mountain,and it is one of the oldest Buddhist temples in Nanjing.

Jiming Temple

Photo 2: Jiming Temple, Nanjing

        Jiming Temple, whose predecessor is the rear garden of State Wu in the Three Kingdoms Era. In the first year of Liang Datong (527), Tongtai Temple was built here. Emperor Wu of Liang Dynasty often went to the temple to gives lectures on Buddhit classics and expound the texts of Buddhism,and the audience exceeded 10,000. He had sacrificed himself to Tongtai Temple as a monk four times. Later, Tongtai Temple was destroyed by fire.

Rouge Well

Photo 3: Rouge Well

        Jiming Temple was built on the site of Tongtai Temple in the 20th year of Hongwu in Ming Dynasty (1387), and it was rebuilt during the Reign of Emperor Tongzhi in the Qing Dynasty (1862-1874). In the fifteenth year of Qianlong (1751), in order to welcome the emperor and Empress Dowager’s inspection tour to the south, the magistrate rebuilt Pingxu Pavilion as a temporary dwelling palace. Qianlong inscribed plaques and couplets for this ancient temple. At the beginning of the Republic of China, the Jingyang Tower was built, and there is a rouge well downstairs. According to legend, it was the hiding place where the Last Emperor of South Chen Dynasty and his beloved concubine escaped from the soldiers of the Sui Dynasty. After being captured, his concubine wept and the rouge on the kerbstone could not be wiped away. It is said that if you use silk to wipe the well kerbstone,the stone veins have rouge marks, so it was called Rouge Well.

cherry blossoms in Jiming Temple

Photo 4: The cherry blossoms in Jiming Temple are especially famous. Every Pure Brightness Day, a sea of cherry blossoms is truly beautiful

        The ancient Jiming Temple integrates mountain, water, forest, and temple, the environment is aquiet and elegant . “Cock Crow and Spring Dawn” is one of the forty new sights in Jinling.


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