Lama Temple – The Biggest Tibetan Buddhist Temple in Beijing City

Lama Temple

Photo 1: Lama Temple, Beijing

        First built in the 33rd year of Kangxi in Qing Dynasty (1694), Lama Temple is Beijing’s largest and best preserved Tibetan Buddhist monastery.

Memorial Archway of Lama Temple

Photo 2:  Memorial Archway of Lama Temple

        Lama Temple was once the residence of Prince Yongzheng before his accession to the throne. After YongZheng was ascended the throne, half of his mansion was changed to the upper house of Tibetan Buddhism and the other half was the temporary dwelling palace of the emperor. Later, the temporary palace was burned down. In 1725, the upper house was renamed “temporary palace”, and was granted the name “Yonghe.”

Zhaotai Gate

Photo 3:  Zhaotai Gate of Lama Temple

        In the ninth year of Qianlong (1744), the Lama Temple was officially changed to Buddhist temples, and became the Qing government’s center of managing the national Tibetan Buddhist affairs.

Hall of Eternal Blessing of Lama Temple

Photo 4: Yongyou Hall of Lama Temple

        Lama Temple can be divided into the Middle, East, and West Road in general. The middle Road is located along the north-south central axis, there are the Archway House, Zhaotai Gate, Heaven Palace, Yonghe Palace, Hall of Eternal Blessing(Yongyou Hall), Hall of Dharma Wheel(Falun Hall), Wanfu Pavilion and other buildings subsequently from south to north.

Falun Hall of Lama Temple

Photo 5: Hall of Dharma Wheel  of Lama Temple

        What is worth mentioning is the Five Hundred Arhat Mountain in the Hall of Dharma Wheel (Falun Hall), Five Hundred Arhats made of gold, silver, copper, iron and tin metal are placed among the hill, which is one of the “three wonders” of the Lama Temple.

Wanfu Pavilion of Lama Temple

Photo 6: Wanfu Pavilion of Lama Temple

The Wood Carving Giant Buddha of Lama Temple

Photo 7: The Wood Carving Giant Buddha of  Lama Temple

Mai Da La Buddha of Lama Temple

Photo 8: Mai Da La Buddha of  Lama Temple

        The wood carving Giant Buddha in the Ten Thousand Buddha Pavilion, “Mai Da La Buddha” is up to 18 meters high, with 8 meters buried in the ground, the total height is 26 meters. “Mai Da La Buddha” is also one of the “three wonders”. Lama Temple is known as Tibetan Buddhist museum, in which a large number of Tibetan Buddhist cultural relics, materials and pictures are preserved .

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