Lion Bridge–Sampling Famous Snacks of Qinhuai-Nanjing

Lion Bridge(Shi zi qiao)

Photo 1: Lion Bridge(Shiziqiao), Taste Local-flavor Snacks with Nanjing Characteristics

        Nanjing Lion Bridge Pedestrian Food Street is located in the middle section of Hunan Road, with a total length of 330 meters. Various restaurants on both sides have the architectural characteristics of the Qing Dynasty, Lion Bridge Food Street is one of the prosperous areas of Nanjing.

Lion Bridge(Shiziqiao)

Photo 2: Lion Bridge(Shi Zi Qiao)

        There is a huge archway at the entrance of the street, bronze statues reflecting the old folk customs are on both sides . There are many benches on the street, which are very considerate, making it convenient for people to stop and go, lingering among delicious food.

Shiwangfu Restaurant

Photo 3: Lion King Palace(Shiwangfu Restaurant)

Nanjing Impressions

Photo 4: Roast Duck Buns(Shao Ya Bao) of Nanjing Impressions

        Shiziqiao is famous for its gourmet food in Nanjing. This street is packed with nearly a hundred restaurants, large and small. It collects foods from all over the country. Nanjing’s time-honored enterprises and small word-of-mouth shops all have branches here, including  century-old shops–Lion King Palace and Nanjing Impressions and exotic-flavoured  restaurants  such as Jinhetai and Punjabi Indian Restaurant.

King Tanghulu

Photo 5: King Tanghulu’s Candied Haws

        Because of its candied haws of all kinds, King Tanghulu is one of Lion Bridge’s shops where there is a long queue every day, and Yin Nianjin’s soup dumplings are also very good.

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