The Old Summer Palace – Once the Largest Royal Palace in the Qing Dynasty

Old Summer Palace

Photo 1: The Old Summer Palace, Beijing

        The Old Summer Palace was built in 46th years of Kangxi(1707), is comprised by the Yuanming Garden, Changchun Garden and Yichun Garden, it covers an area of 3.5 million square meters, of which the water area is about 1.4 million square meters. There are more than 100 Garden landscapes , the building area is more than 160,000 square meters.

Old Summer Palace

Photo 2: The Crumbling Walls and Ruined Curbs of the Old Summer Palace is Thought-provoking

        The Old Summer Palace, has not only the gentleness and color of Garden in Watery Town of Southern Yangzi River, but also the elegance and brilliance of the court building. At the same time, it also draws experience from the European,integrates different landscape architecture styles. The great French writer Hugo once said: “With all its treasures, Notre Dame in Paris is no match for the Old Summer Palace, that enormous and magnificent museum in the East.”The Old Summer Palace was extolled as the “Garden of Gardens” and the “Versailles of the East”.

European Palaces

Photo 3: the Ruins of European Palaces( European Buildings)

European Buildings

Photo 4: The Drawing Reproduction of European Palaces( European Buildings)

European Palaces

Photo 5: The Copperplate Painting of European Palaces( European Buildings)

        In October 1860, the Old Summer Palace was unfortunately pillaged and burned brutally by the Anglo-French Allied Forces, and later experienced several destruction and looting, the famous garden eventually lay in clusters of ruins and debris. The Old Summer has experienced the baptism of blood and fire, standing still before the ruins of European Palaces( European Buildings), as if you can feel flames of the war breaking out more than 100 years ago.

Chrysanthemum Festival

Photo 6: the Chrysanthemum Festival in the Fall, The Old Summer Palace

Old Summer Palace

Photo 7: the Chrysanthemums of The Old Summer Palace

        The tourism and cultural activities of the Old Summer Palace is rich and colorful: the “Stepping Spring Festival” in spring, the “Lotus Festival” in the summer,  the “Chrysanthemum Festival” in the fall, and the Winter Garden Party.

In July 2008, JiuZhou Island scenic area in the core area of Old Summer Palace Ruins Park, after 300 years of glory and tribulations, opened its mysterious veil before the whole world for the first time.

The Old Summer Palace, not only has significant historical value, but also is a rare tourist attraction. The tragedy of the Old Summer Palace being burned , was once a symbol of the Chinese nation’s humiliation; but today, the rebirth of the Old Summer Palace, has become the witness of the Chinese nation going all out to make the country strong and thriving and prospering day by day.

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