Preserved Fruit

Preserved Fruit of Beijing

Figure 1:Preserved Fruit of Beijing

The production methods of Beijing preserved fruit originated from the imperial kitchen, its original intention is to let the emperor eat fresh fruit at all seasons. 

Preserved fruit is processed and refined by fresh fruit

Figure 2:Preserved Fruit is Processed and Refined by Fresh Fruit

preserved pear

Figure 3:Preserved Pear

Beijing preserved fruit is processed and refined by fresh fruit, refreshing and smooth, sweet but not greasy, with suitable acid and sweet flavor, and generous fruit flavors, preserved fruit is mainly preserved pear, apricot, begonia, apple and other varieties.

Preserved kiwi fruit

Figure 4:Preserved Kiwi Fruit

Preserved Cherry Tomatoes

Figure 5:Preserved Cherry Tomatoes

Preserved fruit contains tartaric acid, minerals and vitamin C, with high nutritional value.

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