Qianmen Street – the Central Axis of Ancient Beijing City

Qianmen Street, Bei Jing

Photo 1:Qianmen Street, Beijing

        Qianmen Street was built in the 29th year of Jiajing in the Ming Dynasty(1550), it starts from Zhengyang Gate Arrow tower in the north to Tiantan Road in the south.  In 1965, it was named Qianmen Street.

Dabei Photo Studio, Bei jing

Photo 2:Dabei Photo Studio, Beijing

Bianyi Roast Duck workshop, Bei jing

Photo 3:Bianyi Roast Duck Workshop, Beijing

        Qianmen Street is a famous commercial street of Beijing. Numerous time-honored shops of the early 1950s are still standing here, streams of people are endless every day, it is extremely busy.

Yueshengzhai Spiced Meat Shop, Bei jing

Photo 4:Yueshengzhai Spiced Meat Shop, Beijing

Sheng Xi Fu Hat Shop, Bei jing

Photo 5:Sheng Xi Fu Hat Shop, Beijing

        In the east, there are Dabei Photo Studio, Qinglinchun Tea Shop, Tong Sanyi Fruit and Seafood Shop, Tiancheng Zhai Pastry Shop, Bianyi Roast Duck workshop, LaoZhengXing Restaurant, YiZhao Cotton Department Stores and other stores; and there are Yueshengzhai Spiced Meat Shop, Huafu Clock Shop, Qing Yi Tang Drugstore, Sheng Xi Fu Hat Shop and other shops in the west.

Quanjude Roast Duck Shop, Bei jing

Photo 6:Quanjude Roast Duck Shop, Beijing

DuYiChu, Bei jing

Photo 7:DuYiChu, Beijing

In August 2008, Qianmen Street was opened to the public after being refurbished, it retains the original architectural features. It gathers Quanjude Roast Duck Shop, DuYiChu and other time-honored famous shops, and it completely reproduces the original scene of the early Republican era.


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