Temple of Reclining Buddha (Temple of Universal Spiritual Awakening)–Beijing

Wofo Temple

Photo 1: The Temple of Reclining Buddha( Wofo Temple), Beijing

        The Temple of Reclining Buddha was built in the early years of Zhenguan of the Tang Dynasty.

Temple of Reclining Buddha

Photo 2: the Glazed Arch in The Temple of Reclining Buddha( Wofo Temple)

Shan Men Hall

Photo 3:  Gate Hall (Shan Men Hall) in The Temple of Reclining Buddha

        It is located in the Beijing Botanical Garden, old trees are towering in the temple, Walking through the glazed arch, Gate Hall, Hall of Heavenly King, Hall of Trikalea Buddhas, you will reach Hall of Reclining Buddha(Wofo Hall).

the biggest and heaviest bronze reclinging buddha

Photo 4:  the Biggest and Heaviest Bronze Reclinging Buddha in China and the World

        The Reclining Buddha in the Hall is bronze-cast Sakyamuni recumbent statue in the first year of Zhizhi of the Yuan Dynasty (1321), 5.3 meters long, weighing 54 tons. The bronze statue is surrounded by 12 statue, which are the 12 Yuanjue. The group of statues show the scenes of the Sakyamuni telling his disciples funeral affairs before his death. The Buddha statues are exquisitely casting, with natural postures.

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