Simatai Great Wall — the whole section is unique, with “dangerous, dense, singular, artful, complete” five major characteristics-Beijing

Photo 1: Simatai Great Wall, Beijing

        Simatai Great Wall, from Wangjing Tower in the east, to Houchuankou in the west , a total length of 5.4 kilometers, 35 Watchtowers were built.

Photo 2: Wangjing Tower of Simatai Great Wall

        Simatai Great Wall is divided into two sections by the Mandarin Duck Lake.

Photo 3: Fairy Tower of Simatai Great Wall

        The eastern section of the Great Wall was built on the vertical mountain ridge, the elevation suddenly rises from 295 meters to 986 meters above sea level in 2.4 km distance, like a dragon flying from the lake straight into the clouds.

Photo 4: Celestial Ladder of Simatai Great Wall

Photo 5: Single-side -wall Great Wall of Simatai Great Wall

        On this line, you can visit Wangjing Tower with a legendary color, Cat’s Eye Tower, Fairy Tower and the odd-risk Thin Donkey Ridge, Celestial Ladder and the Great Wall in the air, and admire the Watchtowers, the barrier walls, single side wall and the magical Celestial Spring, Giant Turtle Stone, and endless Western Line Great Wall.

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