Successive Dynasties of Emperor Temple (The Temple of Ancient Monarchs)—– China’s the Only Existing Imperial Temple for Offering Sacrifices to Three Sovereigns and Five Emperors(in Ancient China), Emperors of the Past Dynasties, Civilian Ministers and Military Officers

Figure 1:The Temple of Ancient Monarchs, Beijing

Successive Dynasties of Emperor Temple, was extended on the site of the Baoan Temple in 9th year of Jiajing of the Ming Dynasty(1530) , has a history of more than 480 years since then, is the place for offering sacrifices to Fuxi, Yan Huang ancestors, outstanding emperors and notable government officials of the past dynasties in the Ming and Qing dynasties.

Jingde Chongsheng Palace of the Temple of Ancient Monarchs

Figure 2:Jingde Chongsheng Palace of the Temple of Ancient Monarchs

The spun gold Nan Mu wood pillars in Jingde Chongsheng Palace

Figure 3:The Spun Gold Nan Mu Wood Pillars in Jingde Chongsheng Palace

Jingde Chongsheng Gate of the Temple of Ancient Monarchs

Figure 4: Jingde Chongsheng Gate of the Temple of Ancient Monarchs

Successive Dynasties of Emperor Temple is on a grand scale, the grade and specification of “Jingde Chongsheng” Palace is the same as the Hall of Heavenly Purity of the Imperial Palace, well-preserved 60 Jinsinan wooden columns(spun gold Nan Mu wood pillars) of the Ming Dynasty make the entire hall resplendent and solemn. There is a brick-structured Xieshan-style screen wall with glazed tiles in front of the temple, followed by archway, Dismounting Stele, Jingde Gate, Jingde Chongsheng Hall and so on successively from south to north, there are Xiang Pang, Slaughter Pavilion, Bell Tower, Bei Ting and other buildings on both sides.

The huge red screen wall in front of the gate

Figure 5:The Huge Red Screen Wall in Front of the Gate

The round embroidered flowers on the huge red screen wall

Figure 6:The Round Embroidered Flowers on the Huge Red Screen Wall

 The huge red screen wall in front of the gate are rare in this country .


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