Bell Tower

Temple of Great Awakening, Beijing

Figure 1:Temple of Great Awakening, Beijing Located in the south of Yangtai Mountain (Yang Tai Shan) in the western suburbs of Beijing, Temple of Great Awakening is also known as the Dajue Chan Temple. Figure 2:The Bell Tower in Temple of Great Awakening Figure 3:The Dagoba in Temple of Great Awakening  Temple of Great Awakening is famous for the old trees, Magnolia and clear springs, it was built in the Liao Dynasty, called Qingshui Yuan then. In the Jin

The archway of White Cloud Temple

Figure 1:White Cloud Temple,Beijing White Cloud Temple is one of the three Ancestral Temples of the Quanzhen Taoist tradition, located in the outside of Xibianmen in Xicheng District. Figure 2:The archway of White Cloud Temple White Cloud Temple was originally the Tianchang Guan ( Temple of Eternal Heaven) of the Tang Dynasty, it was built by the Emperor Tang Xuanzong for “purifying the mind and Worshipping the Tao” and offer sacrifices to Lao-tzu. So far, there

The Bells in the Bell Tower

Figure 1:The Bell Tower, Beijing Located in the northern end of the axis of Beijing, the Bell and Drum Tower was built in the 9th year of Zhi Yuan in the Yuan Dynasty (1272), the Drum Tower is in the South, and the Clock tower is in the north, the two buildings are front and rear longitudinally placed, magnificent. Figure 2:King of the Ancient Bellls in The Bell Tower, the Most Heaviest and