bird’s nest

National Aquatics Center (Water Cube) ,Beijing

Figure 1:National Aquatics Center (Water Cube) ,Beijing Figure 2:National Aquatics Center and the National Stadium, Beijing Also known as “water cube” , National Aquatics Center is located in the west of Beijing Olympic Park, with the National Stadium (Bird’s Nest) lie on both sides of the northern end of Beijing’s central axis respectively, together forming new landmarks of this historical and cultural city. Figure 3:Water Cube and Bird’s Nest, Beijing The

The opening ceremony of the 29th Olympic Games(2008)

Figure 1:The National Stadium (Bird’s Nest), Beijing The National Stadium is located in the south of the central area of Beijing Olympic Park, the service life of main structure design is 100 years, seismic fortification intensity is 8. The total area is 210,000 square meters, and the construction area is 258,000 square meters, there are about 91 thousand audience seats. Figure 2:The Interior of The National Stadium (Bird’s Nest) The main building space

Clear soup with bird's nest

Figure 1:Clear Soup with Bird’s Nest, Beijing Tanjia Dishes’s representative dishes. Produced process is as follows: first soak the bird’s nest for three hours with warm water, and then rinse and clean it with clear water repeatedly, remove the feather and impurities. After the bird’s nest is soaked well, steam it with half Jin chicken soup in a large bowl , about half an hour get it out, divide among small soup bowls. Then boil the mild broth boiled