Carved Lacquer

Carved Lacquer Screen(wind blows through bamboo groves)

Figure 1:Carved Lacquer Dragon and Phoenix Chair Figure 2:Carved Lacquer Screen(wind blows through bamboo groves) Figure 3:Carved Lacquer Plate Figure 4:Carved Lacquer Holding Box (a group immortals offer birthday congratulations) Figure 5:Carved Lacquer Tea Set Figure 6:Carved Lacquer Treasure Box(nine dragons ride the clouds) Figure 7:Carved Lacquer Chest(longevity pines and cranes)

The unique production process of carved lacquer

Figure 1:Carved Lacquer of Beijing A carved lacquer works takes at least 3 months, even 1-2 years to complete. The production of carved lacquer is unique, mostly uses brass as inner mold, combining wooden mold and cloth mold and so on. Figure 2:Carved Lacquer, Beijing The mold is coated with natural lacquer, generally at least 70 layers, but the concave carved will be coated with more than 500 layers lacquer, about 30mm