Celestial Ladder

Simatai Great Wall --- the whole section is unique, with "dangerous, dense, singular, artful, complete" five major characteristics-Beijing

Photo 1: Simatai Great Wall, Beijing         Simatai Great Wall, from Wangjing Tower in the east, to Houchuankou in the west , a total length of 5.4 kilometers, 35 Watchtowers were built. Photo 2: Wangjing Tower of Simatai Great Wall         Simatai Great Wall is divided into two sections by the Mandarin Duck Lake. Photo 3: Fairy Tower of Simatai Great Wall    

Jiankou Great Wall, Beijing

Figure 1:Jiankou Great Wall, Beijing Jiankou Great Wall leans hills, lying squats and twists in the low places, rises and falls with the hills like a huge dragon in steep places, quite spectacular. Figure 2:the Magnificent and Precipitous Jiankou Great Wall The trend of Jiankou Great Wall is more full of change and rhythm than Simatai Great Wall; and more magnificent and steeper than Mutianyu Great Wall; large pieces of dolomite constitute the wall body, very eye-catching. Jiankou Great Wall is magnificent and precipitous,