central axis of Beijing

Qianmen Street, Bei Jing

Photo 1:Qianmen Street, Beijing         Qianmen Street was built in the 29th year of Jiajing in the Ming Dynasty(1550), it starts from Zhengyang Gate Arrow tower in the north to Tiantan Road in the south.  In 1965, it was named Qianmen Street. Photo 2:Dabei Photo Studio, Beijing Photo 3:Bianyi Roast Duck Workshop, Beijing         Qianmen Street is a famous commercial street of Beijing. Numerous time-honored

Wan Chun Pavilion in Jingshan Park

Figure 1:Jingshan Park, Beijing Located on the central axis of Beijing, Jingshan Park is in the north of the Forbidden City. Liao Taizong Yelv Deguang built Yaoyu palace in Beihai, the excavated soil was piled on Jingshan  Hill and Qionghua island–the two large mounds, since then, Jingshan came into existence. Jingshan is 45.7 meters high, if you overlook from the summit, the scenery of the royal capital is all in sight.