Court Dishes

Huguo Temple Delicacy Street

Photo 1:Huguo Temple Delicacy Street, Beijing         In addition to the Court dishes and Official cuisine, there are some popular delicacies in Beijing, such as Roast Duck, Mutton Hot Pot and so on. Beijing snacks are part of Beijing delicacy, is an important manifestation of Beijing-style culture. Photo 2:Huguo Temple Snack Bar, Beijing         The most Beijing-style characteristic are Fermented soybean milk(Douzhir), sausage, fried liver, Ma Tofu, fried bean

Slip chicken breast

Figure 1:Chef Dong Shi Guo This dish was originally created by the imperial kitchen of the Qing Dynasty, inherited by Chef Wang Jingchun of the Fangshan Restaurant. The third-generation chef, Dong Shiguo, once performed the cooking techniques of this dish in the United States, Japan, Singapore and other places. Figure 2:Slip Chicken Breast, Beijing The dish is cooked by using the most tender Chicken breast meat of the body, soft and

mandarin ducks and shrimp balls Of Beijing Fangshan Restaurant

Figure 1:Court Dishes, Representative of the North Flavor Beijing Court dishes is representative of the North flavor, which is characterized by strict material selection, side dishes pay attention to rules and specifications, sophisticated production, having extremely requirements for color, quality, taste, shape and container, with royal elegant temperament, loaded with artistic beauty, the flavor is known for mildness, freshness, crispness, tenderness. Figure 2:Si Da Zhua of Court Dishes Well-known dishes are slip chicken breast, Lotus leaf pork