fried liver

Fried liver of Bei Jing

Photo 1:Fried Liver Fried Liver is one of Beijing flavor snacks. Photo 2:Fried Liver of Beijing Fried Liver uses pig’s liver and large intestine as the main ingredient, with garlic and so on as accessories, thickening with starch, with characteristics: gravy is shiny and bordeaux, savoury liver and fat intestine, thick but not greasy. Photo 3:Fried Liver as Breakfast Many Beijing natives eat fried liver as breakfast.  

Huguo Temple Delicacy Street

Photo 1:Huguo Temple Delicacy Street, Beijing         In addition to the Court dishes and Official cuisine, there are some popular delicacies in Beijing, such as Roast Duck, Mutton Hot Pot and so on. Beijing snacks are part of Beijing delicacy, is an important manifestation of Beijing-style culture. Photo 2:Huguo Temple Snack Bar, Beijing         The most Beijing-style characteristic are Fermented soybean milk(Douzhir), sausage, fried liver, Ma Tofu, fried bean