Great Wall

Juyong Pass, Beijing

Figure 1:Juyong Pass, Beijing Juyong Pass is located in Changping District, 60 km from the urban districts of Beijing. Figure 2:Zijing Pass Juyong Pass along with Zijing Pass, Daoma Pass, Gu Pass are the four famous Pass of West Beijing in the Ming Dynasty. Figure 3:the Bottom of Juyong Pass Juyong Pass was first named in the Qin Dynasty, it was said that when the emperor QinShiHuang built the Great Wall, he

Jiankou Great Wall, Beijing

Figure 1:Jiankou Great Wall, Beijing Jiankou Great Wall leans hills, lying squats and twists in the low places, rises and falls with the hills like a huge dragon in steep places, quite spectacular. Figure 2:the Magnificent and Precipitous Jiankou Great Wall The trend of Jiankou Great Wall is more full of change and rhythm than Simatai Great Wall; and more magnificent and steeper than Mutianyu Great Wall; large pieces of dolomite constitute the wall body, very eye-catching. Jiankou Great Wall is magnificent and precipitous,