Humble Administrator’s Garden

The Summer Palace

Photo 1: The Summer Palace, one of the four famous gardens in China         The Summer Palace Is located in northwestern suburbs of Haidian District, the state 5A-class tourist attractions, was built in 1750, and finished in 1764, formerly known as Garden of Clear Ripples. Photo 2: The  Summer Palace, Beijing         The area is 2.9 million square meters, about 3/4 is covered by water. The Summer

Su zhou, China

Photo 1:Suzhou, China         Suzhou is located in the Yangtze River Delta Plain in the southeast of Jiangsu Province. It borders Shanghai in the east, Zhejiang in the south, Taihu Lake in the west, and the Yangtze River in the north, with transportations extending in all directions. Suzhou is one of the most important historical and cultural cities and scenic tourist cities in China. Suzhou is rich in water resources, with