Beijing Quadrangle(The compound with houses around a courtyard)

Figure 1:Badaling Great Wall, Beijing Beijing contains rich historical and culture foundation, with more than 3,000 years of city building history and more than 850 years history of being a capital,leaving a brilliant historical mark. Ancient architectures as a carrier of history and culture, beautiful, magnificent, and unique Chinese ancient architectures make the world amazing. Figure 2:Beijing Quadrangle(The Compound with Houses Around a Courtyard) Beijing’s ancient architectures are witnesses of

Yangping Guild Hall Theater, Beijing

Figure 1:Yangping Guild Hall Theater, Beijing Yangping Guild Hall Theater is located in Xiaojiang Hutong No.36 outside the front door of Chongwen Gate, was built in the Ming Dynasty, is a 12-purlin round-ridge overhanging-gable- roof construction with front and rear steps, the existing buildings were repaired in Qianlong years of the Qing Dynasty. Figure 2:Yangping Guild Hall Theater Under Repair The stands of Yangping Guild Hall Theater are divided into two layers, the guardrail has