Mahavira Hall

Grand Mercy Monastery(Dabei Buddhist Temple),Tianjin

Photo 1:Grand Mercy Monastery(Dabei Buddhist Temple), Tianjin        The famous Grand Mercy Monastery (Da Bei Chan Yuan) is located beside the Haihe River on Tianwei Lu, Hebei District of Tianjin. The temple belongs to the Buddhism Zen School, It is a well-preserved and largest Bafang Buddhist temple in Tianjin, and one of the biggest and best preserved Zen Temples in northern China. Photo 2:The Buddha Recitation Hall of Grand Mercy Monastery(Dabei Buddhist Temple)  

Begonia in bloom season in Fayuan Temple

Figure 1:Fayuan Temple (Min Zhong Temple),Beijing Fayuan Temple was built in the 19th year of Tang Taizong Zhenguan (645),first known as Min Zhong Temple in the Tang Dynasty, was rebuilt and changed to its present name in Yongzheng period of the Qing Dynasty. Figure 2:Hall of Heavenly King in Fayuan Temple Figure 3:The Mahavira Hall of Fayuan Temple Figure 4:Guanyin Pavilion in Fayuan Temple Fayuan Temple sits in the north facing the