North China Plain

Pan Mountain of the Autumn,Tianjin

Photo 1:The Spring of Tianjin         Tianjin is located in the eastern part of North China Plain and belongs to semi-humid monsoon climate areas of the northern temperate zone. Photo 2:The Summer of Tianjin         Tianjin has four distinct seasons: in windy Spring,it is drought and less rain, the climate changes in temperature are changeable; the summer is hot with concentrated rain, and with high temperature and high humidity; in cool autumn, neither too hot nor


Photo 1:Tianjin,China         Tianjin, known as the diamond of the Bohai Gulf, is one of the four Municipalities direct under the Central Government.Only120 kilometers from Beijing,Tianjin has always been the gateway to the capital of China . Tianjin is the No.1 port city and the biggest financial center in the north of China.Tianjin is situated in the northeast of the North China Plain,east to the Bohai Sea