Official Cate

Braised Shark's Fin in Rice Wine Sauce, Tanjia Dishes

Figure 1:Braised Shark’s Fin in Rice Wine Sauce, Beijing Braised Shark’s Fin in Rice Wine Sauce epitomizes shark’s fin cooking techniques of Tanjia Dishes.  Figure 2:Zhang Daqian, Once a Famous Painter in China It is said that the famous painter Zhang Daqian often sent from Beijing to buy Tan’s braised shark’s fin back to Nanjing to enjoy, which shows it’s delicious. Figure 3:the Precious Luzon Yellow Shark’s Fin of the Philippines Figure

Clear soup with bird's nest

Figure 1:Clear Soup with Bird’s Nest, Beijing Tanjia Dishes’s representative dishes. Produced process is as follows: first soak the bird’s nest for three hours with warm water, and then rinse and clean it with clear water repeatedly, remove the feather and impurities. After the bird’s nest is soaked well, steam it with half Jin chicken soup in a large bowl , about half an hour get it out, divide among small soup bowls. Then boil the mild broth boiled

Official cuisine (Official Cate) of Beijing

Figure 1:Official  Cate of Beijing Figure 2:Tanjia Dishes of Beijing Hotel Also known as scholar-bureaucrats dishes, official cuisine are mainly Tanjia Dishes, Dongpo Dishes, Kongfu dishes, Suiyuan Dishes and so on. Figure 3:Eight Treasures Beancurd, Suiyuan Dishes Figure 4:Palace Lion Head(Large Meatball) Figure 5:Braised Sea Cucumber with Fish Snout in Thick Soup Figure 6:Fotiaoqiang with Clear Soup (Steamed Abalone with Shark’s Fin and Fish Maw in Broth)