Qing Dynasty

the Garden of Prince Gong's Mansion

Figure 1:the Prince Gong’s Mansion,Beijing Formerly known as the mansion of Grand secretary, powerful minister Heshen in the Qianlong period. Located in Liu Yin Street beside Shichahai of Xicheng District, the Prince Gong’s Mansion is the best preserved in the existing princely mansion. In 4th year of Jiaqing(1799), HeShen was searched and confiscated, this house was granted Prince Qing Yonglin. In the 1st year of Xianfeng, the mansion was given to Prince Gong Yi xin,and was called the Prince Gong’s Mansion since then. Figure 2:Yin’an

Yangping Guild Hall Theater, Beijing

Figure 1:Yangping Guild Hall Theater, Beijing Yangping Guild Hall Theater is located in Xiaojiang Hutong No.36 outside the front door of Chongwen Gate, was built in the Ming Dynasty, is a 12-purlin round-ridge overhanging-gable- roof construction with front and rear steps, the existing buildings were repaired in Qianlong years of the Qing Dynasty. Figure 2:Yangping Guild Hall Theater Under Repair The stands of Yangping Guild Hall Theater are divided into two layers, the guardrail has

Fuling Pancake Sandwich, originally royal food of the Qing Dynasty

Figure 1:Fuling Pancake Sandwich, Originally Royal Food of the Qing Dynasty Fuling pancake sandwich was originally royal food of the Qing Dynasty. It was recorded as early as 800 years ago, “Poria 4 liang ( a unit of weight), flour 2 liang, add water for cake, fry  with yellow wax.” In the early Qing Dynasty, it was suggested that “breads are highly valued in looseness, cake in thin”, so fuling pancake sandwich is made more and more thin.