A model of Blackstone Apartment

Figure 1:Blackstone Apartment, Eclectic Style,Shanghai Black is not very spectacular , but when used in the buildings, it is the most eye-catching, because it is too unique. Figure 2:A Model of Blackstone Apartment Blackstone Apartment is worth a visit, because you can no longer find such external walls, and such a building in Shanghai. Figure 3:Blackstone Apartment, Worth a Visit This Baroque-featured building with Corinthian columns was built in 1924, known as

Town God Hall of Town God Temple

Figure 1:Town God Temple of Shanghai Town God Temple is famous for its long history and magnificent architecture, and enjoys a high reputation both at home and abroad. Town God Temple is one of the main Taoist temples of Shanghai Taoism Zhengyi sect. Figure 2:Two Stone Lions on Both Sides of the Gate The Old Town God Temple enshrines and worships three Bodhisattva: City God Qin Yubo, Huo Guang, Chen Huacheng. Figure

the Lobby of Paramount Hall

Figure 1:No.1 Oriental Entertainment Venue—Paramount Hall, Shanghai Figure 2:the Lobby of Paramount Hall Figure 3:The Glass Dance Floor of Paramount Hall “Paramount Hall” was built in 1931, the exterior is modern American architecture, the interior is sumptuously decorated, lights are graceful and resplendent, together with first-class jazz band, dancing girls dressed in red and celebrities, Paramount Hall became the most prestigious luxury restaurant, it is synonymous with Shanghai “metropolis infested with foreign

Today's Grand Theatre

Figure 1:an Old Photograph of the Grand Theatre The Grand Theatre was once the first theater in the Far East, in the hearts of the old Shanghainese, the Grand Theatre is more like a nostalgic place, a “yellow” memory.  Figure 2:Today’s Grand Theatre Figure 3:the Tall and Stately Entrance Hall of Grand Theatre Windsail-Shaped facade, lotus-shaped roof, circular arc-shaped hall, tall and stately entrance hall,  renovated Grand Theatre lets people to rediscover “Western style” feelings of “metropolis infested with foreign

“The Girl on the Phone” Fashionable Statue, Shanghai

Figure 1:“The Girl on the Phone” Fashionable Statue, Shanghai “The girl on the phone”, she is the representative of Shanghai city sculpture, just like some famous city sculptures, such as Copenhagen’s “Mermaid”, New York Long Island “The Statue of Liberty”. Figure 2:One of the Famous City Sculptures in Shanghai