Tanzhe Temple—the Largest Ancient Temple Architectural Complex in the Suburb of Beijing

Tanzhe Temple

Photo 1: Tanzhe Temple, with a History of More Than 1700 Years

        Tanzhe Temple lies at the foot of the Tanzhe Mountain in the southeast of Mentougou district , more than 30 kilometers away from the city center. Tanzhe Temple faces south with the back to the north, leans against Baozhu Peak, surrounded by nine tall hills like horseshoe shape.

Surangama Altar

Photo 2: Surangama Altar of Tanzhe Temple

        Tanzhe Temple was built in the first year of Yongjia in the Western Jin Dynasty (307), first named “Jiafu Temple”, Emperor Kangxi of the Qing Dynasty gave the name “Xiu Yun Temple”, because Dragon Pool is at the back of the temple, there are Zhe trees on the mountain, civil society has called it “Tanzhe Temple “. Tanzhe temple has a history of more than 1700 years, so folk proverb says “Tanzhe Temple came first , and then the Beijing city”.

Seated Buddha statue

Photo 3: Seated Buddha Statue in Tanzhe Temple

Avalokiteshvara Statue

Photo 4: Avalokiteshvara Statue in the Mercy Buddha Hall

        Tanzhe Temple is on a grand scale,Tanzhe Temple is the Imperial Palace in miniature”, the saying goes, it is said that when the Forbidden City was built in the early Ming Dynasty, it is modeled on Tanzhe Temple. There are a total of 943 rooms in Tanzhe Temple, of which 638 are ancient palace halls, and the buildings maintains the style of the Ming Dynasty.

The Pagoda Forest

Photo 5: The Pagoda Forest of Tanzhe Temple

        In Tanzhe Temple, palaces are lofty, courtyards are deep and serene, palaces, halls, altars, and rooms have their own characteristics, the scenery of pavilions and arbours is refined, ancient and famous trees, fresh flowers and green bamboo can be found everywhere in the temple, rockeries and crooked rivers contrast finely with each other.

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