Temple of Moon- the Place Where Emperors Sacrificed God of Night Light- the Moon During Ming and Qing Dynasties-Beijing

,Temple of the Moon (Xi Yue Temple)

Photo 1: Temple of the Moon (Xi Yue Temple), Beijing

        Also known as Xi Yue Temple, Temple of the Moon is located on the west side of Nanlishi Road in the Xicheng District, it is one of the famous Five Altars and Eight Temples, Temple of the Moon was built in the 9th year of Jiajing of Ming Dynasty (1531).

Tranquil moon chamber

Photo 2: Tranquil Moon Chamber in Temple of the Moon

        Temple of the Moon covers an area of 8.12 hectares, is divided into two parts–North Park and South Park.

setting-moon pavilion

Photo 3:  Setting-moon Pavilion in Temple of the Moon

        Outside the east gate is YiDi, Dressing Hall is in the northeast, Abbatoir Pavilion, Divine Kitchen and Sacrifice Library are in the southwest , outside the south gate is Divine Warehouse.

Clock Tower

Photo 4:  Clock Tower in Temple of the Moon

        A large number of pines, cypresses, Poluo trees, pomegranate trees, sweet-scented osmanthus and other ornamental tree species are planted in the park, there are Clock Tower, Gate of Heaven, Dressing Platform, Divine Kitchen, Divine Warehouse and other buildings.

moon-inviting pavilion

Photo 5:  Moon-inviting Pavilion in Temple of the Moon

        The newly-built tourist spots such as Yue Tan Chan Gong, Shuang Huan Ying Yue Pool, “Chang’e fly to the moon”sculpture and so on, keep to the “Moon” theme, highlight the “Moon” conception.

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