The Bell and Drum Tower – Time Telling Center of the Capital in Yuan, Ming and Qing Dynasties

The Bell Tower, Beijing

Figure 1:The Bell Tower, Beijing

Located in the northern end of the axis of Beijing, the Bell and Drum Tower was built in the 9th year of Zhi Yuan in the Yuan Dynasty (1272), the Drum Tower is in the South, and the Clock tower is in the north, the two buildings are front and rear longitudinally placed, magnificent.

King of the Ancient Bellls in The Bell Tower, the most heaviest and biggest ancient bell in China

Figure 2:King of the Ancient Bellls in The Bell Tower, the Most Heaviest and Biggest Ancient Bell in China

the Bell Tower, Beijing

Figure 3:the Bell Tower, Beijing

The  Clock Tower is 47.9 meters high, and the Bell Tower is 46.7 meters high, both have high architectural value.

The Bells in the Bell Tower

Figure 4:The Bells in the Bell Tower

The original provisions of the Qing Dynasty is that the bell tower tells the  time day and night, after Qianlong emperor, it changed to tell the time only twice at night, two watchmen climb the Bell and Drum Tower respectively, they first beat the drum and then ring the bell.

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