The traffic of Beijing

The traffic of Beijing

Figure 1.The traffic of Beijing

Beijing is the hub of China’s highway, railway, air transport, the transportation is very convenient.

Air transport:

Chinese Capital International Airport, Beijing

Figure 2.Chinese Capital International Airport, Beijing

Chinese Capital International Airport is China ‘s largest, completely equipped, and busiest international airport. Located in the northeast of Beijing City, it is about 30 km from the city center.

You can take the airport bus to and from the airport, the whole journey is about 1 hour, you can also take the airport light rail, it takes about 20 minutes, convenient and quick.


Beijing West Railway Station

Figure 3.Beijing West Railway Station

Beijing South Railway Station

Figure 4.Beijing South Railway Station

Beijing has four train passenger station: Beijing Railway Station, Beijing West Railway Station, Beijing South Railway Station, Beijing North Railway Station. Among them,Beijing South Railway Station is mainly for intercity train.


With Beijing as the center,there are 12 radiation-like State Road, respectively leading to Shenyang, Tianjin, Harbin, Guangzhou, and other places.

At present, Beijing’s highways are: Airport Expressway, Beijing-Harbin Expressway, Beijing-Tianjin Expressway, Beijing-Shanghai Expressway, and Beijing-HK-Macao Expressway

Beijing’s long-distance bus station are: Zhaogongkou bus station, BaWangfen bus station, Yongdingmen bus station, Liuliqiao bus station, Dongzhimen bus station and so on.

City Transportation:

Beijing’s traffic extends out with Chang’an Avenue as the aorta , there are second ring road, third ring road, fourth ring road, fifth ring road, sixth ring road.

Beijing’s urban public transportation system is developed, bus lines are complete, some lines  still have night shift bus. For more information, please check Beijing public transport

the map of the Beijing subway system

Figure 5.the map of the Beijing subway system

Beijing’s subway has a total 18 operating lines. At present, it has formed “three-ring, four horizontal and five vertical and seven radiation” rail transit network with a total length of 554 kilometers.

Tricycles of Beijing Hutong Tour

Figure 6.Tricycles of Beijing Hutong Tour

Beijing Hutong Tour tricycles, and free bicycles in the city let you get a close understanding about Beijing’s history and culture.

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