Xishiku Church — Beijing’s Largest Roman Catholic Church

Xishiku Church

Photo 1: Xishiku Church, Beijing

        Xishiku Church is located in the north side of Xi’an Gate Avenue, also known as North Church. There is a platform in front of the church, surrounded by white marble railings on three sides.

Jesus Good Shepherd Powerdekor

Photo 2: Jesus Good Shepherd Powerdekor on the Top of the Front Side of Xishiku Church

         A white marble stone is inlaid on the top of the front side of the church, engraved with Jesus Good Shepherd Powerdekor.

Xishiku Church

Photo 3: the Wooden Plaque Above the Central Arch Gate of Xishiku Church

        The church is 16.5 meters high, covers an area of about 2200 square meters, Gothic style architecture, “Catholic Church built by imperial order, Guangxu 13th year” was wrote on the wooden plaque above the central arch gate.

Hall of Xishiku Church

Photo 4: The Hall of Xishiku Church

        The spire of bell tower is about 31 meters high. There are 36 outside pillars in the church, 18 meters high, the top of which is Lousong leaf shape. There are main sacrificial altar and subsidiary sacrificial altar in the church. There is a chorus building in the main entrance, equipped with a pipe organ. The plan of Xishiku Church is the cross shape, Misery Hall is in the north of the main sacrificial altar, the walls of the Misery Hall was inlaid with tombstone of Priest Fan Guo Guo .

ancient pavillion of Xishiku Church

Photo 5: The Chinese-style Ancient Pavillion Housing a Tablet in Front of Xishiku Church

        There is a Chinese-style ancient pavillion housing a tablet respectively on the left and right sides in front of the church, standing “Catholic Church relocation decree” monument in 14th year of Guangxu of the Qing Dynasty(1888) and Catholic Church monument in the Manchu and Chinese language .

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