Xu Jia Hui—Shanghai


Photo 1:Xu Jia Hui, the Center of Shanghai

Xu Jia Hui is one of the most bustling areas in Shanghai, where high-rise buildings stand in great numbers, shopping malls gather, prosperous popularity, fully embodies the bustling scene of China’s modern metropolis!

Grand Gateway 66,xujiahui

Photo 2:Grand Gateway 66,Xu Jia Hui

Xu Jia Hui, as the center of Shanghai, with rich historical and cultural accumulation, is not only Shanghai’s bustling landmark, but also an important channel leading to Pudong.

xu jia hui

Photo 3:Orient Shopping Centre, Xu Jia Hui

Xu Jia Hui is a wonder, where the Chinese and the Western, the old and the new are mixed and matched , and complement each other.


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