Yangping Guild Hall Theater —– Beijing’s Largest Existing Theater, with the Most Exquisite Architectures

Yangping Guild Hall Theater, Beijing

Figure 1:Yangping Guild Hall Theater, Beijing

Yangping Guild Hall Theater is located in Xiaojiang Hutong No.36 outside the front door of Chongwen Gate, was built in the Ming Dynasty, is a 12-purlin round-ridge overhanging-gable- roof construction with front and rear steps, the existing buildings were repaired in Qianlong years of the Qing Dynasty.

Yangping Guild Hall Theater under repair

Figure 2:Yangping Guild Hall Theater Under Repair

The stands of Yangping Guild Hall Theater are divided into two layers, the guardrail has carved fence and baluster columns. The stage is divided into three layers, entrance above and tunnel below. The walls of both sides of the theater are painted with murals. The back wall facing the stage is inlaid with stone inscription, which records the history of the Guild Hall.  There is a plaque written by the famous calligrapher Wang Duo of the late Ming and early Qing dynasties in the theater.

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